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Developing Leaders & the ‘It’ factor

Recently I had the fantastic privilege of being a judge at UTS for the Clayton Utz Intervarsity Negotiation Competition and also to present training on Developing your Personal Presence for NSW Young Lawyers at their mid- year assembly. Both very rewarding and fun for me.  Being in the observation seat of so many talented speakers […]

Paid to Post

by Kayte Lewis & Chris Chow Chris Chow Creative Lawyers Way back in 1999, before the bloggersphere, some of you may remember the infamous outcry about “cash for comment”.  In short, (those of you under 25 can see this as a history lesson) it was realised that talk back radio shock jocks Jones and Laws […]

Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Classes at the Acting and Communication Academy are offered to individuals, duos and in ensembles. Our ensembles are usually comprised of individual of mixed ages, often genders and participants of varying levels of experience. Ensemble is the area of focus for this article. While private tuition has it’s obvious merits and is right for some […]