It’s important to be heard, to feel understood and to have a voice.

Communication skills are the basis for both creating and resolving disputes.

We are all in conflict, all of the time. We each have different values, priorities and agendas – they are in conflict, but generally we work through these things and make our way in the world. It’s when conflicts become disputes that we have the opportunity to identify these values and conflicts.

One of the first victims of unresolved conflict is usually trust. Creating an atmosphere where a mutual understanding can be developed and facilitating meaningful discussion can most often bring conflicts to a meaningful resolution.

Kayte is a Nationally Accredited mediator. Kayte is also a lawyer with experience in several areas of law including employment, family and intellectual property and commercial law and has over 27 years of experience coaching people in the area of voice and communication. This unique combination of skills positions her to effectively assist you to navigate your way through difficult situations and conversations.

Having a voice gives you options and freedom to make choices. If you would like assistance with a difficult situation or you are looking for an accredited mediator we look forward to meeting with you.

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