Every ONE can make a difference

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Every ONE can make a difference

This week I have been delivering public speaking workshops to teens. Year 8 girls in fact, over 120 year 8 girls and it was great fun. Lily and I left each workshop feeling excited and talking about how different each one was, even though we were delivering the same content.

The most refreshing part about it was their enthusiasm and honesty. I work a lot with adults, corporate types, and it always amazes me how much more content you can cover and how honest the teenagers are. I hope they are able to keep that honesty. Being self aware, or honest with your self is the first step to making a real change and improving your personal presence and presentation style.

We gave the girls loads of tips in the hope that they will individually implement one or two. Everyone can improve on their communication skills, absolutely everyone. It’s one of those things that is just never going to be perfect no matter how good you are and by focusing on one thing at a time, my 25 years of experience in coaching people in performance and presentation skills, tells me that this is how you make a difference. Just start with one!  Most people don’t bother to focus on even one because they are overwhelmed by the whole project or by being ‘perfect’. So choose one and work on that, play to your strengths and be brave enough to share your message. These are some of the tips we have shared this week. I hope you might be able to implement one or two of them too.

For more info about courses for teens visit www.actingandcommunication.sydney

For one on one coaching contact me on kayte@kaytelewis.com

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