Invest Wisely – Improving Your Vocal Quality is a Great Investment.

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Invest Wisely  – Improving Your Vocal Quality is a Great Investment.

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Everyone,  absolutely everyone,  can improve the quality of their voice and communication skills, but why would you?

Napoleon Hill who wrote some of the best selling books of all time “Think and Grow Rich” & “The Laws of Success”  considers the quality of an individual’s voice a key factor to success.

The Master Key to Success #19

 Cultivate your tone of voice so that your words have a pleasing musical sound and remember that the sound of your voice is an open window through which other people look into your very soul. It will be a profitable investment.  ~ Napoleon Hill

 Considered the most successful investor and business magnate ever, Warren Buffet, certainly understood the benefits of investing in your voice and communication training early in his career. Buffett says, in an interview that when he was starting out in business he knew he was going to have to invest in himself.

If you improve your communication skills you will increase your income by 50%. ~ Warren Buffet

I have studied and coached individuals in the area of voice and communication for the past 24 years.  I honestly can say that when I started I had no idea of the power and level of influence voice work could have in personal development. Having worked now with thousands of people to develop their vocal skills I’ve learnt that through targeted physically  exercises to release your vocal capacity, develop resonance and clarity are key areas in developing  communication skills and leadership development.

Your voice reveals a lot about you and how you see yourself in the world. Voice and identity are intrinsically linked. The psychology of voice is powerful, if you understanding this you will navigate your way through business dealings and life with wisdom and grace.

So what is a good voice? It is an authentic voice. It isn’t put on and there is no formula. It is about releasing your inhibitions and connecting with who you are. You have to be brave to do voice work! But the payoff is definitely worth it.

Voice and a commanding presence go hand in hand.  Voice work isn’t just about public speaking, though it can certainly extend to that. Voice work develops personal presence and confidence. If you want to make an impact with your communications, develop your leadership skills and enjoy the benefits of better communication,  an investment in your self will certain pay off.

To invest in your vocal quality consider one on one coaching or one of our small group courses.

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